LetAlone Inc. Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2022-06-03


LetAlone Inc ​​(“we”, “our”, “us” or “LetAlone”) will give our users (“you”, “your”, “user”, “their” or “end-user”) full visibility, control and ownership of their data through a decentralized data wallet. 

We enable users to view how the internet profiles them with full transparency on their data profile, and provide the ability for users to edit and/or delete this information, use it for receiving tailored advertising from which the users share in the profits generated from advertising campaigns. Or to remove themselves from receiving adverts.

We are the first to offer these services without ever selling user data to any parties.

For advertisers and brands (“advertisers”) we also provide an ethical advertising platform that enables adverts to be sent to willing users without the need for covert tracking technologies or hoarding and selling user data. No companies obtain our users data while accessing these services.


The internet is generally configured to profile you, track you and monetize you. In most cases, without your true understanding or explicit consent. And there are no obvious tools available to truly remedy this. 

Privacy policies, like this document, are one such tool intended to protect users and clients’ confidentiality but can be confusing and are often opaque. We have also noticed a shift in how companies use privacy policies, which now more commonly document a long list of how much of your data is captured by your use of their service(s) and a number of ways in which your data is shared and sold to third parties (who also have their own privacy policies). 

With a surplus of privacy policies, how many of us ever really read them? And if you do, there are even fewer options to say “no” and still access the service(s) without it affecting the function or performance of whatever it is you were trying to do. 

We believe the current system of ‘notice and choice’ privacy is outdated and inappropriate for a modern internet where sharing is one of the core principles for which the internet exists. One of LetAlone’s most important purposes is to do what we can to create a better way for users to access online services, without sacrificing your data and your privacy. We exist to give users full control and agency over their online data profile.

We are embarking on a journey to shift how users and their data are treated on the internet, where there is no covert tracking or selling of your data. Creating a model for the internet where you have confidence to browse and access any service you wish to without the need to trawl through endless privacy policies. An internet where your data is only used when and where you have explicitly requested it to be so. Our vision is for you to be financially compensated for that use too. Imagine a world where the people share in the profits of the largest revenue generating machine the world has access to.

As such, our site that you are viewing, and the services we provide, will uphold these principles which are detailed below. In short, we never track you, exploit you, or store anything about you, or sell your data to anyone, ever.



The only data that we collect about you is your email and country of residence. This is captured at the time of you joining our beta program, subscribing to our newsletter or sending us a question via our site’s contact form. It is used solely for the purpose of being able to contact you regarding the services you have expressed interest in, and also for ensuring you have access to services in the correct geographic region. 

Chrome Extension

In our current release, our data wallet will analyze your browsing behaviour for the purposes of informing you how the internet translates this to user interest information, to create a ‘datagram’ (abstract art representation of your data) and calculating the value of your data. All of this data is only stored locally on your device. Even we at LetAlone cannot read it. You will have full control over it and will be the only person able to access, delete, edit or enable service related to it.  If you delete our extension, this data is gone forever.


When you visit LetAlone, we don’t identify you, track you, or know who you are. We do not ask for or collect any personal information about you (with the exception of email and country of residence). We do not use tracking identifiers (e.g. advertising id cookies).


We do not share anything with anyone.

Although we will comply with court ordered legal requests, all of your data is encrypted and only you have the ability to decrypt/read this data. Data is owned exclusively by our users, and we have no plaintext access to this information. This means we have no means by which we are capable of providing decrypted information which may be stored on our systems.


When you visit any web page on the internet, your Web browser automatically sends information about your device, (e.g. your User agent and IP address) to load the webpage. Sample access log from our website:

{ “ipAddress”: “”, “date”: “2022-03-03T12:10:00.000Z”, “type”: “nginx”, “verb”: “GET”, “resource”: “/”, “protocol”: “HTTP/1.0”, “status”: 200, “userAgent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.87 Safari/537.36 OPR/54.0.2952.64”, “uuid”: “a16aa769-f336-4692-9b1d-b75caceda927” }

This is simply a function of the way the internet is built, and unfortunately not something our website will operate without. However unlike other websites, we only store this data for 24 hours to support the uptime and upkeep of our web services. After this time the data is deleted. We also do not share this data with any third party services. 

Your IP address will temporarily be visible to WP Engine who provide web infrastructure to us – effectively the system on which our website is built. We store access logs to be able to operate our website and ensure its uptime and availability. These logs are only used to debug issues with our website and are never used outside of this context, or shared with any other third party. Access and error logs are purged after 24 hours. More info on access logs https://wpengine.com/support/error/.


Most websites and companies use cookies. These are small identifiers placed in your browser to do many things from saving your preferences in regard to viewing configuration, through to tracking your online activities across the web in order to profile you.

We only use cookies to save your preferences in order to make your experience more convenient (e.g., viewing preferences).

We do not use any tracking cookies at all. And there are also no third parties or advertisers active on our site. We aren’t tracking you, and we don’t allow anyone else to track you on our site either.


When you sign-up to join the Beta program, your email address will be used only by LetAlone to contact you with updates to our site, services and policies. After your initial Beta sign-up, you will use your email address to login to your LetAlone profile. 

Your country of residence will be used by LetAlone for providing the correct regional service and to ensure we are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

When you subscribe to our newsletter, we save the email address you provide us in order to send you our newsletter. The database that contains your email address will be encrypted and simply contains a list of all email addresses of those that have subscribed, for the purpose of sending the newsletter only.

If you comment on our blogs, the name you enter along with your comment will be saved purely for the purposes of showing the comment and ascribing a name to it. 

You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. In such cases, your email address will be deleted from our mailing list and servers.

You may also contact us at any time with queries, concerns or requests for information on what we may or may not know about you (which we believe will be nothing). Should anything exist you do not wish to, we will remove it immediately.


Companies and brands that choose to advertise through LetAlone’s platform will only be able to see that there are wallets which have a certain ‘interest’ (e.g., soccer). They will not be able to see who those wallets belong to nor will they be able to copy out data and build their own profiles of users from it.

These advertisers will simply be able to send adverts to wallets that have the advertisers desired interest noted for the advert they wish to send and that have the user function enabled that notes the wallet is willing to receive adverts (and associated compensation). This will be done in a completely anonymous way.


At our discretion, we may make changes to this Policy and note the date of the last revision. You should check here frequently if you need to know of updates to our Privacy Policy. We maintain the right to send you an email informing you of substantive changes. Previous versions will be made available from this page.


I (Justin Trevan) am the founder of LetAlone and personally wrote this privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a note and we will take all into consideration. We want the best policy that reflects the will of the users. Use our site under your terms, not ours!


2022-06-03We have edited the original privacy policy to include details around how our Chrome Extension, the LetAlone Data Wallet, functions

2022-03-14We have developed this Privacy Policy to provide you with the information you need to know about how we collect and handle information.