Your data. You decide.

Your data. You decide.


Join the fight against big tech to get your data and profits back!

The Internet is Broken


Do not own their data

Cannot view, edit or delete how they are profiled online. Have no share of billions of dollars of profit derived from their data.


Track users and hoard data

No true alternative exists to user tracking and blackbox algorithms. Companies are vilified for data use as a result.

Our Platform

We give our users full visibility, control and ownership of their data through a decentralized data wallet. And the choice to share in the profits their data can generate. We are the first to offer this without ever selling user data to anyone.

For People

Personal Data Wallet
Protect your data from ending up in company databases
Personal Data Security
Only you have access to and control of your data
Rewards & Payments
Monetize your data or redact it entirely

For Advertisers

Ethical Advertising
Advertise to consenting users, without exploiting their data
Target authenticated interests, demographics and in-market data
Campaign Feedback
User reported brand relevancy and awareness metrics

We are strong in numbers

Join now and build your data clan: the earlier you join, and the more people you refer, the bigger your bonus rewards will be at launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

LetAlone makes money by charging companies to only advertise to willing users. We keep some of that money, and we pass some on to the users too.

Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! Current big tech makes BILLIONS of dollars a day from your data (just take a look at Google’s latest financials for example). We think that profit should be shared with the people that helped create it – you. It’s not something for nothing – it’s just paying you for using something valuable you own (your data) and not stealing it from you and hoarding all the profits for ourselves. Simple really.

Our first beta extension is live and available to download for users on the Chrome store now

Because you want greater privacy and control online. You want to be fairly rewarded for participating in an online world that makes money. You think the domination of big tech through unethical practices that take advantage of unwitting users should end. And you want to be part of the movement that changes the internet into one where all can prosper and that is more ethical and equitable for everyone.

So first comes this beta phase.  This is the stage where we need a critical mass of users to signup, and while that happens we are finishing the tech in the background.  During this period you won’t be able to use our data wallet, but you will get updates on our progress and the ability to continue to refer your friends until we reach our target number of users.


Once we’ve finished our build and have the requisite number of signups we’ll release our data wallet for you to use as you browse the internet.  In the first iteration you will be able to access your data profile, see how the internet is profiling you, edit and delete that information and toggle whether to be “open for business” (and be credited for viewing one dismissible advert every 30 minutes based on your data profile, with all other adverts removed for a cleaner browsing experience) or be “closed for business” (and not receive adverts).

Many more features will follow and we will be canvassing our users through a private forum to get feedback and suggestions and make sure this is a solution for the people, by the people!

Advertisers and their money follow the crowd…they want to use the platform with the most users. Currently, platforms with the most users are the ones that secretly track their users and hoard their data and the profits obtained from it. If we want to be able to replace the current unethical systems with all their covertly obtained user data, we need to create a better system of the same scale. The current systems don’t even let you, the user, take part. Our version does. But we need your help to amass a user base. If we do that, then we can be a viable alternative way to run the internet and protect your data… and the money, which we’ll share with you, will follow.

Never! We can’t even read it! Unlike other solutions that pass your data on to other companies where they can store and sell it as they wish, your data never leaves your data wallet. We simply allow brands and advertisers to know there is a wallet of a user with a certain interest. They can then send information like adverts to your wallet. But they wont know who you actually are, and can never copy down any of the interests and details within your wallet. Think of it as your wallet simply answering yes or no to a question. “Does this wallet like soccer”… “Yes”… “Ok here is a soccer ad”. Without the sender being able to store any information. We describe the transactional platform that we’ve created to enable this as ‘ephemeral’… any transactions are immediately deleted once complete. Plus as your interests change we don’t store the history either.

All rewards for users for a collective pool from which active users can withdraw. This prevents certain kinds of fraud and prevents a world where users can earn disproportionate sums by sitting online all day and clicking adverts. Instead a pooled model means if everyone gets more people involved, the bigger the contracts we can attract and collectively the bigger the payouts for users. A bonus multiplier is simply the extra amount you get from the pool because you helped refer users. For example if the overall reward was $1, but you’ve attained a 1.5 multiplier, you would receive $1.50, whereas users without a bonus multiplier would only receive $1. The more people you refer to join our cause, the higher your multiplier level, and the more you’ll earn relative to non referring users.

In essence zero-party data is user approved data. And we think it should also mean user-owned data too. Refer to the graphic below for more details.


We only use your email address in order to identify you and enable access to our platform. We will also need certain payment details in order for you to cash out. All other data you store in your wallet is fully encrypted and even LetAlone cannot see its contents – only you can. You own and control your data.

Zero-party data is user approved, user authenticated data that provides higher accuracy and relevancy than 1st, 2nd and 3rd party derived data. In particular it allows a user to denote future intent, rather than relying on algorithmic estimates of what prior activity means for the future. It also gives users control of their data, which means if they don’t want a company advertising to them for example, as that company you won’t waste money sending adverts to that unreceptive user.


As a company you don’t actually need to own the data in order to access willing participants and send them relevant materials such as adverts. You also don’t need the privacy headaches and potential lawsuits that come with storing users data!


Our platform enables the same functionality of targeting, but only to verified willing users, and without ever having to store any information. Think of it as a user database spread out to all the users. Like a distributed ledger ledger, but without all the computational overhead and inability to delete user data.

Most importantly we limit the number of adverts a user can see in a day. We aim for high quality highly relevant adverts for users, in low numbers, not thousands of adverts all over a page with no metrics on whether a true interaction has taken place or measurement of the actual relevancy of the advert.

In addition only users willing to participate and view adverts, which are based on their verified interests, will be shown adverts. So you know you aren’t paying money to hit a popup blocker for example.

Guarenteed impressions every time, with the bonus of relevancy feedback metrics directly from the user!

Cool name, but why LetAlone?

"The Right to have privacy" (4 Harvard L.R. 193 (Dec. 15, 1890)) is a law review article written by Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis, and published in the 1890 Harvard Law Review. It is "one of the most influential essays in the history of American law" and is widely regarded as the first publication in the United States to advocate a right to privacy, articulating that right primarily as a "right to be let alone".