Your data. You decide.

Your data. You decide.


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We're all about Privacy Tech

Our team is building solutions and providing consulting…

for Organizations

Privacy Compliance
A platform to manage users' data and privacy
Authenticated interests, demographics and in-market data
Ethical Metrics
User reported brand relevancy and awareness metrics

for People

Personal Data Wallet
Protect your data from ending up in company databases
Personal Data Security
Only you have access to and control of your data
Rewards & Payments
Monetize your data or redact it entirely

Cool name, but why LetAlone?

"The Right to have privacy" (4 Harvard L.R. 193 (Dec. 15, 1890)) is a law review article written by Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis, and published in the 1890 Harvard Law Review. It is "one of the most influential essays in the history of American law" and is widely regarded as the first publication in the United States to advocate a right to privacy, articulating that right primarily as a "right to be let alone".