SEEing is believing

We are proud to share the news that the LetAlone data wallet is live and available to download! It has been a tireless amount of effort to get to this point and the journey ahead for us all is incredibly exciting! 

As mentioned in our last communication, this release of LetAlone’s data wallet will focus on the ‘SEE’ part of our SEE, CONTROL, GET PAID mantra. You’ll be able to view how the internet is profiling you, see the value generated from your data, and even create a shareable ‘datagram’. 

The first instance of our release will be a desktop browser extension, but mobile app store downloads are coming in the future.

The home page displays an overview of the features of the data wallet, providing you with a concise view of our product roadmap. 

You can download our extension directly from the Chrome store LetAlone Chrome Extension

Once your download is complete, follow these simple steps to get your data wallet established and watch your profile and value of your data grow! 

  1. Accept the permissions request to allow the Chrome Extension to operate

  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to login with your LetAlone Beta account, or sign up

  3. Click the puzzle icon on the right side of your browser and select the LetAlone icon to open the extension. You can also pin the icon to your browser window so that it remains on your browser header for ease of access

  4. The chrome extension will automatically populate as your browse, and we will notify you when its ready! Start browsing!

Please provide any feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share the extension (and your referral code) with your friends and family! We’ll continue to provide updates as we progress through each release. Thank you for choosing to take back control of your data and for your continued support.